Friday, 10 May 2013

My Two Favourite Artists

I should say they are 2 of my many favorite artists. But what separates these two is the fact that they have a photographic memory (well, the kind of mind that can conjure images that can be perfectly executed, without years and years of practice). They are both savants in the field, I believe, and are able to create images that one would think were created through many years of experience.

Frank Frazetta and Mahmoud Farshchian.

Dark Kingdom 1976 by Frank Frazetta
Silver Warrior 1972, by Frank Frazetta

Injustice by Mahmoud Farshchian
Vanity by Mahmoud Farshchian

I was drawn to Frank Frazetta because my older brother used to buy and read comics like Maxx, Lobo, Dread, and Sandman, etc. The Lobo comics were drawn by the well known illustrator Simon Bisley, an obvious fan that had a keen interest in Frank Frazetta and his work.

Click here for a detailed account of Mahmoud Farshchian's life and works; and for Frank Frazetta, click here.

In posting this blog, I hope that those who aren't familiar with these two artists will check out their sites. It really is inspiring to observe how perfectly original and moving their work is. For instance, Frank was able to depict motion within the stillness of the scene, and Farshchian able to create dreamlike qualities (almost mirage-like) of beautiful colors and patterns that the eye moves over as though it were the surface of water.

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