Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome! My blog is for those interested in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Speculative Fiction genre(s) and sub-genre(s). I shall recommend quality reads in these genres and talk about various science fiction and fantasy books that readers will find of interest, voice my thoughts on the craft of writing, and also mention my enthusiasm in the fine arts, along with authors, artists, and perspectives. If all goes well I will continue to post a review of books and various interesting quibs that I hope you will find interesting!

Being a Judge for the 2011 Australian Aurealis Awards, I have read and reviewed many interesting collections and anthologies. I would like to share that interest with the public, especially to those who are avid readers and are looking for their next great read.
You can find an interview on the Aurealis Award judging process conducted by the talented Mary Elizabeth Burroughs (former non-fiction editor of Strange Horizons) at my writing group blog, The Amberjacks. http://theamberjacks.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/2011-aurealis-awards-judge-interview.html

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